Thursday, 31 March 2011

oh hey my names clint :)

so before i go any further, im sorry for the quality of my photos, my camera isn't great on timer...

anyway, here is one of the first looks from my lookbook:

top - h&m £15

when i wore it to sixth form i got lots of compliments which was nice
and some very clever people said i should also have been wearing a feather headdress...
which, to be honest, would actually look quite cool :)


crochet shorts, hmmm

so, i think i could quite possibly already have enough pairs of shorts but, i really love these ones:

im thinking about trying to customise an existing pair with tiny little studs perhaps, any ideas?!

also, during my travels sur le site de topshop, i found this little pair:

i really like crochet, but i just dont understand what topshop was thinking when designing these
if anyone wants to enlighten me on how exactly i'd wear these please do :)
cos as i said, i do love crochet ;)


good morning!

Hi everyone, i've just starting this blog with the intention of writing about the daily things i love:  fashion, music, films and cooking!

Potentially a strange mix but you know :)

I aim to keep the blog updated regularly (hopefully...) so that it will hopefully become quite interesting to read!