Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Been a while...

Wow, i only realised this morning that its been a full 13 days since i posted, almost two weeks!
This is bad, but im here now :)

The other day i bought my 6th form prom dress! For those of you who read my post on possible prom dresses i suppose its most like the summery one, but i will be putting photos up of it very soon!

So, a short post for the minute as none of my photos are on the computer yet, but i will be back soon :)


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

spainsiiees and gaga

Hi everyone!

Sorry my blogging has not been very up-to-date and regular recently, although lots of other people seem to be being hit with a case of ceebs regarding blogging aswel...

So, today i'm living in excitement central because i booked to go to spain with my friend!
i'm super excited, it will be lovely to have something relaxing to look forward to after literally 2 years of non-stop pressure with a levels.

After watching the new look advert and browsing the internet, i have come up with my top 5 things i reeeally want for my holiday :)


So will just need to do a few more shifts to be able to buy all these... ha!

I'd also like to proclaim my love for Lady Gaga. Watching r1's big weekend has affirmed the fact that she is potentially the most amazingy original, talented, sexy female artist ever!
I can't wait until i hear her new album, if born this way, judas, hair and edge of glory are anything to go by its gonna be awesome :)


Monday, 9 May 2011

hey :)

hi everyone, sorry i've been gone a while!
i've been so stupidly busy, what with french oral, my job and other life stuff i have had pretty much 0 time!

i haven't actually got that much to blog about today :(
i went on a charity shop hunt - im desperate to buy my prom dress from a charity shop, i think it would be pretty good :) and as it is only my prom for my 6th form i think i could find some cocktail dressish appropriate thing
but no luck yet!

and if that fails i have some ideas...

something summery?

something sexy?

something ... prommy?

all asos

i'm not sure, what do you think? :)
in fact, after doing all that saving and importing, i'm not sure i actually like any of them!

so, now its off to do more work
and it's 90210 tomorrow, yessss :D