Saturday, 30 April 2011

royal wedding and things

hi everyone,

sorry i havn't blogged in over a week, i've been SO super busy with preparing for my french speaking exam - im so sick of talking about nuclear power in french :S

so, yesterday was the royal wedding :) i set my alarm at 7am so i could get up and watch from the beginning, but i think the enticement of champagne breakfast helped me get up so early!

i loved kate's dress, i thought it was lovely having the traditional long sleeves mixed with the more modern see-throughness of them (plus she does love a bit of see-through!)

made my nommy ginger cakes aswel yesterday, to take to my friends house where i watched the wedding. thought i would put the recipe on here as it has been requested, so here it is! ...

10oz self-raising flour
5oz caster sugar
1 teaspoon bicarb of soda
3 teaspoons of ground ginger (you can put in more if you like, as this it is quite a mild flavour with 3)
3 tablespoons golden syrup
1/4 pint corn oil (theres a brand called Mazola which i use)
1/2 pint milk :)

just put it all in a food processor and thats it!
they cook for like 25/30 ish mins at 180 degrees C

chop up some crystalised ginger and put that on the top before you cook too if you really like ginger :)
and you can make normal butter icing if you want that too
nommm :)


Friday, 22 April 2011

Jelly bean William

Today, inspired by the jelly bean that looks scarily like Kate Middleton (although im not sure if i think its real,) i searched through my jelly bean factory jelly beans tube that i got as an early easter present to look for William. Look what i found...

how sad am i :P

thats pretty much the extent of what i did today, although i have potentially gotten a slight tan, wahey :)


Thursday, 21 April 2011


hey everyone :)

skirt zara, top topshop

this is what i wore yesterday to meet my friend, and then we went for a lovely barbeque on the beach, only it was too dark to take photos :(

its not a particularly interesting outfit, but i just love the skirt so much - that is the colour i wanted my hair dammitt! and i think the wind was slightly blowing my skirt in the second photo - im hoping my arse isnt that shape :S

have just been looking on the topshop website where they have a new look called 'summer prints' - pretty much want all of it, especially...

all topshop

what do you think?


Tuesday, 19 April 2011


hello :) i know i keep banging on about the yummy weather but it is really really lovely,
right thats over.

here are a couple photos of what i wore today, only problem is i took them with my webcam which is pretty damn not amazing, on the first photo i look like a sim!

as you can see, my pink hair has reallly faded and now im left with salmon hair - wahey >:(
so im potentially thinking of changing the colour - maybe turquoize?
any ideas?


Sunday, 17 April 2011


hi everyone, i hope you have all had a lovely day in the sun today :)

i have some new photos to post, but cannot find my fricking lead, its the bane of my life trying to keep that thing in a sensible place!

so i'll compensate by posting a few photos of summery wedge heel shoes i realllly have to have :)

topshop, new look, zara, h&m, topshop
i also went for a jog in this really pretty place today, its by a river and one day (when im not jogging) i will take my camera because it really is quite pretty :)
anyway, after my jog i came home and realised the london marathon is today, duhh, and then was embarrased at my amateurish attempts at jogging!

i also baked ginger cupcakes, my vegan recipe ones again which really are nomnomnommm
so im looking forward to having one of those and watching the only way later, i know its bad and its such a guilty pleasure but there is pretty much no other tv on at the moment!


Thursday, 14 April 2011

so, i did it :)

just a very quick post to show you my haiirrrrr :)

i was so excited i forgot to change into something else other than my dads old gardening top to take a photo aha :)

what do you think?


Wednesday, 13 April 2011

trees, grandparents, hair and ebay :)

hi everyone!

i got back today from visiting grandparents - it was lovely to see them again as we dont get to see them very often and to spend time with them in the sun :)

here's a few photos i (and my mum) took when we were there, i absolutely LOVED this tree aha, its a magnolia one and it comes from japan
and after consulting my grandad's tree book i found that pretty much all pretty colourful trees come from japan originally, im such a tree buff ;)

also, when i got back today i had a lovely surprise for me in the post - my pink hair dye! (so i guess its not really a surprise aha)
and i've done a patch test and its come out awesomo, so tomorrow i should be fully dip-dyed, that well known verb :)

have been getting quite a lot of traffic so thank you everyone for that, i really appreciate it and love that you guys actually read what i write about :)

ohh, last thing, am toying with the idea of selling some things on ebay, just things like jewellery/scarves/belts i dont wear anymore
oh and rings that i bought to try and force my tiny hands to grow, but that really are too big to wear!
more posts on this in the future :)

bye :) x x x

Saturday, 9 April 2011

aah yeeah it's the holiday :)

hi everyone, am very excited today because its the first day of the holiday, and its super sunny and warm
everyone is already cracking out the summer dresses and i'm LOVING it!
aha :)

so this is the productive day me and my friend had ...

enough said.

yesterday i celebrated the beginning of the hols with friends and drinkies and 'get him to the greek'
never knew p diddy could be so absolutely hilarious
or maybe it was the martini's... aha :)

anyway, i shant be blogging for a few days as i'm going to visit my grandad, i shall miss it and also miss reading everyones lovely blogs!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

what a lovely day

i've had such a good day so far today! i have
  • bought elle
  •  made flapjacks with the most delicious spices in which have transformed my house into the most amazing smelling place
  • got lots of french work done (thats my keenforfrench face)
  • went on a lovely walk in the sun!
and later i have ballet, it really is a good day today!

what have you all done to enjoy the sun today?


Tuesday, 5 April 2011


im so excited, i am about to reply to my uni offers!
im gonna make essex my firm and bangor my insurance, both for modern language, yayyyyy :)
anybody go/know anyone who goes to essex uni?

yesterday i order pink hair dye from the internet, so i can die dye my hair soon!
im super excited, i have literally never ever dyed my hair before, so its definately time for a change!

so really, im pretty excited about everything at the moment!
oh and elle comes out tomorrow - another plus to this week :)

happy tuesday!


Sunday, 3 April 2011

mothers day :)

happy mothers day everyone aha!
and happy mothers day mummy :)

what did you all do for your mums today?

i got up super early and made chocolate cupcakes and lemon and ginger cupcakes with lemon curd, vegan ones because dairy makes my throat swell, its pretty bad times :S
and then i made lots of little sandwiches for high tea (pinkie raised)

so, i've eaten a LOTTTT of yummy, but badforyou food today aha, but i did also go for a jog too :)

heres another outfit from my lookbook...

i didnt wear this today, cos i didnt have time to photograph what i did wear , but i really like this outfit!
now im off to eat more cupcakes with my friend, and to savour the last of the weekend!


Saturday, 2 April 2011

i wanna dip dye!

mentioned yesterday about how im thinking of dipdyeing my hair
so, i want it to look like this...

i think its a really cool trend that pretty much no one that i know has chosen to adopt
perhaps it's a little out there, but i think if its done well it looks realll good!
so do you think it would suit my hair? :)

also, just thought i would take this dipdyed hair moment to mention my love for nicki minaj at the moment, i think shes properly amazing and a totally original female soloartist - I LOVE HER :)


Friday, 1 April 2011


well, im back from a lovely trip to the theatre to watch a musical with only one person it!
took a bit of getting used to but i really enjoyed it :)
and i was pretty excited to wear my new nommy heels out for the first time - didn't trip, score :P

so, heres a couple more pictures of my outfit tonight...

not that amaze but i do like photos :)

also, im thinking of dipdyeing my hair pinky/red, i wondered what anyone thought?

will do a post on it with photos soon...


theatre :)

just time for a quick post before i go to the theatre to see tell me on a sunday :)

here's a peek at what im wearing ...

top £8 h&m

am pretending to gammily fly to show you the cooool batwing sleeves!

will upload the look onto lookbook later i think, really love the potential for individuality and creativity on that website :)