Monday, 9 May 2011

hey :)

hi everyone, sorry i've been gone a while!
i've been so stupidly busy, what with french oral, my job and other life stuff i have had pretty much 0 time!

i haven't actually got that much to blog about today :(
i went on a charity shop hunt - im desperate to buy my prom dress from a charity shop, i think it would be pretty good :) and as it is only my prom for my 6th form i think i could find some cocktail dressish appropriate thing
but no luck yet!

and if that fails i have some ideas...

something summery?

something sexy?

something ... prommy?

all asos

i'm not sure, what do you think? :)
in fact, after doing all that saving and importing, i'm not sure i actually like any of them!

so, now its off to do more work
and it's 90210 tomorrow, yessss :D



  1. Maybe the last one is the most suitable!:)

  2. the dress in the middle is SO adorable, where is it from ? :)

  3. Good luck for your oral french! ;p

  4. The last dress is very special. J'adore! Thx for following, chérie!

  5. I'm following you now :)
    I like it!

  6. love the "sexy" dress! cute blog!! im not english so sorry for my english ajjaja


thanks for the comments you lovely people :)