Monday, 13 June 2011

Monday = blogging, not revision

Hi everyone!

I really shouldn't be blogging today, (or on the computer at all,) because of my exam tomorrow, but recently I've been experiencing a slight lack of motivation to revise. I think this is due to the fact that im desperate to do something new, whether being creative and starting a business, going abroad and travelling, or just getting another job.

I've always loved baking (you might be able to tell this already from my blog!) and I'd love to own a cake and coffee shop, where you could go and just eat cakes and drink coffee (my life) :) I just don't know how to make this possible in the small town where I live in Cornwall. I wish I lived in a city!

I keep having idea's for new things to do and getting so excited about all the prospects, I dont know if I'm keen enough for uni anymore :S

Anyway, ramblings over now :) I just signed up for my local Race For Life race! I'm so excited to do it!
I'll be running with my mum, in memory of my amazing Granny who sadly died last year from cancer. It really feels like I can help somehow by entering, I hope to raise lots of sponsership money to help the cause.

Hope everybody is having a lovely Monday, sorry for my somewhat disjointed post today :) Xx

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  1. Hope your revision isn't making you too stressed! I know what you mean about the lack of revision though... I've only got a week and I'm free!

    The coffee and cake shop sounds lovely too - as does the Race for Life (I did it in memory for my dad a few years back and loved it!) x


thanks for the comments you lovely people :)