Tuesday, 21 June 2011

hell to the yeahh, im finished :)

hello lovely followers :)

today i finally finished my a levels! i had my last exam and now im finally free from revision for a whole summer, lovely!
i don't think its properly sunk in, i've been to the pre-school, primary school, secondary school and sixth form in my town, thats 14 years of my life spent here!

so, i treated myself to a few things in a charity shop on my way home, here are a few photos...

the top and the two necklaces are new, also bought a shawl but the photos of it were crap, but i will soon be doing an outfit post :)

oh and i also had my hair cut yesterday and i love it, now it doesnt feel like i have a massive scarf around my shoulders 24/7, so much better for summer!

this summer i'm planning on clearing through my clothes and making three piles

  1. things to keep, as they are
  2. things to keep but customise/diy/CHANGE somehow
  3. things to donate to charity
bullet two is the one i'm the most excited about, i've been very inspired by lots of bloggers' diy's, i'll do a post as soon as i start :)

so now im going to say bye and watch the end of a documentary about the English National Ballet, i've already watched it once but it is really interesting!

bye :) Xxx


  1. Congratulations on being finished with school! Summer=freedom:)

    I can't wait to see how your DIYs turn out:) xx

  2. look forward to seeing your diys :)

  3. cool style.. I'm following you


  4. Like your blog =))

    You can visit my too, if you want of course =))


  5. Ooooh thats a very funky necklace you got there (the triangle one!) i love it!

    Following you now! I hope you can visit my blog sometime:)

    Style Ceviche.blogspot.com

  6. This is such a cool outfit! You have a really stylish blog :) Visit mine if you have some time!


  7. i love ur blog! i follow u! this is my new blog and im sure u will love my pics!


  8. you have gorgeous hair!
    much admiration from wonderingwolves.blogspot.com


thanks for the comments you lovely people :)