Saturday, 9 April 2011

aah yeeah it's the holiday :)

hi everyone, am very excited today because its the first day of the holiday, and its super sunny and warm
everyone is already cracking out the summer dresses and i'm LOVING it!
aha :)

so this is the productive day me and my friend had ...

enough said.

yesterday i celebrated the beginning of the hols with friends and drinkies and 'get him to the greek'
never knew p diddy could be so absolutely hilarious
or maybe it was the martini's... aha :)

anyway, i shant be blogging for a few days as i'm going to visit my grandad, i shall miss it and also miss reading everyones lovely blogs!


  1. aw thank you lovely for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours as well :). and haha what cute pics!! i've always wanted to do a photo like that :).

    <3, Kathleen.

  2. Hi!!
    Great blog and style ;)
    Can we follow each other?? We’re already following you!!!
    Hope you’ll follow us back!!

    Wherever the Sunset is

  3. hahaha these photos are amazing!
    so happy summer is on its way

  4. ah such lovely pictures!

    hope you'll enter my giveaway!

  5. Haha the photos are so cute! :)


thanks for the comments you lovely people :)