Sunday, 17 April 2011


hi everyone, i hope you have all had a lovely day in the sun today :)

i have some new photos to post, but cannot find my fricking lead, its the bane of my life trying to keep that thing in a sensible place!

so i'll compensate by posting a few photos of summery wedge heel shoes i realllly have to have :)

topshop, new look, zara, h&m, topshop
i also went for a jog in this really pretty place today, its by a river and one day (when im not jogging) i will take my camera because it really is quite pretty :)
anyway, after my jog i came home and realised the london marathon is today, duhh, and then was embarrased at my amateurish attempts at jogging!

i also baked ginger cupcakes, my vegan recipe ones again which really are nomnomnommm
so im looking forward to having one of those and watching the only way later, i know its bad and its such a guilty pleasure but there is pretty much no other tv on at the moment!



  1. Love the last pair of shoes! Hope you visit back :)

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  3. love love the second pair of wedges. Ginger cupcakes?? Sounds yummy- you should post recipe + pictures!! xxo

  4. We love the first ones! They're awesome!


  5. me too love the wedjes ! is beautiful

  6. hmm.. jogging, maybe I should get my lazy ass outside and go for a run. Breathe some fresh air, instead of locking myself in my room to get homework done ^^ Although, running in wedges will probably just kill my feet... love the second pair ^^ so lovely with the flower pattern :) x


thanks for the comments you lovely people :)