Sunday, 3 April 2011

mothers day :)

happy mothers day everyone aha!
and happy mothers day mummy :)

what did you all do for your mums today?

i got up super early and made chocolate cupcakes and lemon and ginger cupcakes with lemon curd, vegan ones because dairy makes my throat swell, its pretty bad times :S
and then i made lots of little sandwiches for high tea (pinkie raised)

so, i've eaten a LOTTTT of yummy, but badforyou food today aha, but i did also go for a jog too :)

heres another outfit from my lookbook...

i didnt wear this today, cos i didnt have time to photograph what i did wear , but i really like this outfit!
now im off to eat more cupcakes with my friend, and to savour the last of the weekend!


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