Wednesday, 13 April 2011

trees, grandparents, hair and ebay :)

hi everyone!

i got back today from visiting grandparents - it was lovely to see them again as we dont get to see them very often and to spend time with them in the sun :)

here's a few photos i (and my mum) took when we were there, i absolutely LOVED this tree aha, its a magnolia one and it comes from japan
and after consulting my grandad's tree book i found that pretty much all pretty colourful trees come from japan originally, im such a tree buff ;)

also, when i got back today i had a lovely surprise for me in the post - my pink hair dye! (so i guess its not really a surprise aha)
and i've done a patch test and its come out awesomo, so tomorrow i should be fully dip-dyed, that well known verb :)

have been getting quite a lot of traffic so thank you everyone for that, i really appreciate it and love that you guys actually read what i write about :)

ohh, last thing, am toying with the idea of selling some things on ebay, just things like jewellery/scarves/belts i dont wear anymore
oh and rings that i bought to try and force my tiny hands to grow, but that really are too big to wear!
more posts on this in the future :)

bye :) x x x

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